Mixed Pairs

President's Select

Back Row L to R - Alison Lipsett, Sonny Crorken, Lee Fitzpatrick, Stuart Mathers, Ally Geddes and Marilyn Black

Front Row L to R - Helena Duff, Billy Sommerville, President Roy Geddes, Sharron Lipsett and Cathy Crorken

Peter Latta Trophy Winners

Robbie Shea

Mixed Singles

League Cup Plate

Peter Rafferty

Women's Championship

President's Select Vs' Vice-President's Select

Mixed Triples

League Cup Trophy

GBA Millenium Triples Winners

Coming Soon

Margaret Hanna and Sharron Lipsett

Andy McLean

Helena Duff and Andy McLean

Initially run as a tournament to help players get through the Covid lockdown, we have continued our successful League Cup. A mixed tournament that pits the vast majority of the club against each other. Eventually four finals are played, based on initial placing in the mini leagues.

Jon Logan

Coming Soon

Andy Dragsnes

Men's Pairs Championship

Helena Duff

Robbie Shea

Ladies' Pairs

L to R - Rab Barrie, Andy Dragsnes, Stevie Glencross and Jim Plenderleith

Liz Shea

Ian Duff

Peter Rafferty, Willie Maley and Stevie Glencross

Liz Shea

Men's Championship

Ladies' 2 Bowl Singles

Men's President's Trophy

L to R: Craig Campbell, Juan Renau, Scott Wilson, President Roy Geddes, Robbie Shea, Bill Campbell, Jon Logan, Stevie Glencross, Andy McLean and Andrew Hyndman

Men's 2 Bowl Pairs

Women's President's Trophy

Senior Singles

What a fantastic year we've had once again at Foxley.  We even managed to win one of the few GBA trophies that the club hasnt won before. 

As with previous years, we've put together a rogues gallery of all our winners this year.

Aussie Pairs

Men's 2 Bowl Singles

Women's Vice-President's Trophy

Stuart Mathers and Roy Geddes

League Cup Wooden Spoon

Men's Vice-President's Trophy

Helena Duff and Allison Lipsett

League Cup Championship

Foxley Bowling Club

Peter Rafferty

Men's Triples

Gary Cochrane and Juan Renau

Bill Campbell, Cathy Crorken and Stuart Mathers

Ladies' 2 Bowl Pairs

Ian Hyndman