Foxley Bowling Club

GBA Triples Champions - R. Simpson, S. Innes and K. Kitteridge

GBA Triples Champions - D. Bennet Jnr., J. Rodney and W. Thompson

GBA Singles Champions - J. Watson

GBA Triples Champions - A. Manson, W. Campbell and E. Robertson

1980s - The club continued to have success throughout the 1980s, extending that success on to the global stage.

Before that success, the Triple of W. Goold, T. Stewart and J. Robertson won the GBA Triples in 1981.

Away from Foxley, J. Watson became World Indoor Singles Champion in 1982 and Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist in the Pairs.

In 1984 the club continued it's winning habit in Triples Competitions when A. Manson, E. Robertson and W. Campbell became GBA Champions.

The 1978 Season once again saw a Foxley team become Champions of Scotland.  On this occasion the Triples Team of J. Hayes, J. Clelland and J. Robertson were crowned Champions.

Season 1979 saw this amazing feat repeated by the Club. This time the Foxley Triple of W. Campbell, R. Louden and T. Dudgeon became Scottish Champions.

The 1970’s were without doubt the most successful decade of our history.  To achieve our first Scottish Championship in 1974 was special but to repeat it again in 1978 and 1979 was simply phenomenal.  It is also worth noting that although the back-to-back titles were in the same discipline, both Triples contained different players. 

The final highlight of the 1970s, yes there is one more, was J. Watson becoming an Internationalist, an honour he would hold for many years, but more about John later on.

1960s - J. Hayes and Mrs. R. Buonaccorsi went on to represent Scotland at International level and the Foxley Rink of A. Lennox, T. Dudgeon, J. Wilson and J. McLaughlin won the GBA Fours.

From the 1950's onwards, the club membership grew and the bowlers representing the club began to make their mark at County, National and International events. 

1950s - Foxley won it's first Glasgow Bowling Association title with A. Hayes and J. Hayes winning the GBA Pairs title.  J. Hayes went on to win the Foxley Championship on 6 separate occasions.

Foxley Bowling Club opened it's doors on Saturday 27th June 1914 and has grown from strength to strength ever since.

From it's early days the club had a strong membership based in the local community.

For the first 40 years of it's history, the club and it's members endured two World Wars and economic turmoil, reflected in the modest successes on the green.  

A notable achievement was the crowning of our first Scottish Champion, Mrs. A.Reid becoming SWBA Singles Champion and an Internationalist in 1938.

However, for the next 60 years there is no doubt that the club thrived both on and off the green.

​Club History

GBA Fours Champions - D. Bennett Jnr., R. Shea Snr., S. Innes and G. Cochrane

GBA Top Ten Champions - (Back) - G. Kirkland, S. Innes, A. Shea, R. Shea Jnr., R. Shea Snr., and D. Logan

(Front) - A. Allan, W. Campbell, G. Cochrane, I Duff and D. Bennet Jnr.

GBA Junior Singles Champion - R. Shea Jnr.

GBA Pairs Champions - E. Letham and E. Robertson

GBA Pairs Champions - A. Hayes and J. Hayes

During 2011, the club again had a successful year at County level.  Firstly the Fours team of S. Innes, G. Cochrane, D. Bennett and R. Shea Snr. won the GBA Championship.

This was followed the following month by the Under 45s team of G. Cochrane, I. Duff, A. Shea and R. Shea Jnr. winning the GBA Under 45s competition.

1970s - The 1970s are remembered quite rightly as a glorious period in the history of Foxley.  Going from a club who had never produced a Scottish Bowling Association Champion to a a Club boasting three Champion teams in the space of a decade was an absolutely astounding achievement.

Before the amazing achievements on the green, it is worth recognising a further achievement off the green.  Mrs. J Stewart becoming SWBA President in 1972.  Mrs. Stewart brought further recognition to the club by representing Scotland in 1973-1976 and 1979.

In 2016 the Club one again won the GBA Top Ten Competition.  The Top Ten Team of R. Shea Jnr. (Singles), M. Reilly Jnr. and W. Campbell (Pairs), J.Logan, J. Renau and G. Cochrane (Triples) and A. Shea, A. Dragnes, M. Reilly Snr. and I. Duff (Fours) winning the competition.

​​Triples Champions of Scotland - J. Hayes, J. Robertson and J. Clelland

GBA Triples Champions - D. Bennett Snr., J. Watson and R. Louden

Pairs Champions of Scotland - J. Robertson and E. Robertson

GBA Fours Champions - A. Lennox, T. Dudgeon, J. Wilson and J. McLaughlin

2000s - The highlight of the first decade of the new Millenium was probably the capturing of the GBA Junior Singles Trophy by R. Shea Jnr.

The final major honour to be won in the 1980s was the GBA Singles, J. Watson being crowned Champion in 1986.

John Watson won his 10th Singles Championship in 1988 and became an Internationalist for the 9th year. 

GBA Triples Champions - W. Campbell, R. Shea (skip) and M. Murray

GBA Top Ten Champions - (Back) - I. Duff, J. Logan, R.Shea Jnr., A. Shea and D. Logan.

(Front) - W. Campbell, M. Reilly Snr., J. Renau, M. Reilly Jnr., A. Dragnes and G. Cochrane.

GBA Triples Champions - W. Goold, J. Robertson and T. Stewart

Triples Champions of Scotland - R. Louden, T. Dudgeon and W. Campbell

2010s - The beginning of this decade, leading up to our Centenary celebrations in 2014, has been a roaring success.

In 2010 the Club won the GBA Top Ten Competition.  The Top Ten Team of R. Shea Jnr. (Singles), A. Allan and W. Campbell (Pairs), S. Innes, I. Duff and R. Shea Snr. (Triples) and D. Logan, D. Bennett Jnr., A. Shea and G. Kirkland (Fours) winning the competition.

1990s - In 1991 the club continued to have success in the Triples Format of the game.  The Foxley Team of D. Bennett Jnr., J. Rodney and W. Thomson winning the GBA Triples Championship.

In 1997 the Club again had success in the GBA Championships, the Pairs Team of E. Letham and E. Robertson being crowned Champions.

The final success of the 1990s came in 1999 when Foxley became GBA Triples Champions for the fifth time.  The Triple of K. Kitteridge, R. Simpson and S. Innes winning a very wet final at Kirkhill BC.

The first success of the 1970s came in 1974 when E. Robertson and J. Robertson became Pairs Champions of Scotland.

This was followed by R. Louden, D. Bennet Snr. and J Watson winning the GBA Triples in 1977.

SWBA President - Mrs. J. Stewart

GBA Under 45s Champions - I. Duff, A. Shea, R. Shea Jnr., G. Cochrane

GBA Under 45s Champions - A. Shea, J. Renau, G. Cochrane and R. Shea (skip)

For 2018 the club has once again had success at County Level, winning the GBA Triples Championship. The winning Triple being M. Murray, W. Campbell and R. Shea.

With recent history repeating itself the club once again won the GBA Under 45s a month later with A. Shea, G. Cochrane, J. Renau and R. Shea adding more silverware to the club's cabinet.