Liz Shea

Simon Innes and Stevie Glencross

Jon Logan

The President's Select

2 Bowl Pairs

For 2019 we added an additional 'friendly' competition into a calendar.  Our new 'President Select v Vice President Select' pitted two hand picked teams against each other for the honour of either the President or Vice President.

The 2019 winners were -

Billy Sommerville

Men's President's Trophy

Andy Shea and Robbie Shea

What a fantastic year we've had once again at Foxley.  Although we didn't quite manage to win any county competitions this year, the standard of bowling across the club increased along with the talent pool. 

As with previous years, we've put together a rogues gallery of all our winners this year.

Peter Rafferty and Stevie Glencross

Men's Vice-President's Trophy

Andrew Hyndman

Balloted Pairs

Men's Championship

Mixed Triples

Women's Championship

Under 45s Competition

The Bungie

Billy Sommerville

Seniors Championship

Liz Shea

Women's President's Trophy

Rab Barrie and Eileen Simpson

2 Bowl Singles

Women's Vice-President's Trophy

Back (L to R) - Peter Rafferty, Jon Logan (President) and Tommy Mashedar

Front (L to R) - Roy Geddes, Willie Maley and Andrew McLean

Allison Lipsett

Mixed Pairs

Andrew Hyndman

Foxley Bowling Club

Men's Pairs Championship

Andrew Hyndman

Robbie Shea

Stuart Davie, Liz Shea and Andrew McLean