Across the Club the prizes have been shared out this season.

Championship (Male)

Stevie Glencross

Graeme Sutherland and Robbie Shea (skip)

Male 2 Bowls Pairs

Senior's Championship

Craig Campbell and Bill Campbell (skip)

Jon Logan

Juan Renau, Robbie Shea (skip), Andy Shea and Gary Cochrane

Balloted Pairs

Vice - President's Cup (Male)

Male 2 Bowls Singles

Liz Shea

Bill Campbell, Robbie Shea (skip), Michael Murray

President's Cup (Male)

Internal Competitions

As Season 2018 comes to a close we have put together a rogues gallery of the winners this year.

President's Cup (Female)

Sharron Lipsett

Fiona Fleming and Stevie Glencross (skip)

Pairs Champions (Female)

Robbie Shea

Championship (Female)

GBA Under 45s Champions 

Stevie Glencross (skip) and Robert Barrie

Mixed Pairs

Margaret Sutherland and Liz Shea (skip)

Vice - President's Cup (Female)

Liz Shea

External Competitions

Pairs Champions (Male)

As well as the winners from this year we should also not forget the 2017 Pairs Champions who played their final at the start of season 2018.

Jon Logan

Juan Renau (skip) and gary Cochrane

The club is proud to have not one but two Glasgow Bowling Association Championship teams this year.

GBA Triples Champions

Billy Sommerville

Foxley Bowling Club