Lead -Billy Sommerville

Second - Stevie Cardno

Third - Andy Dragsnes

Skip - Stevie Glencross

The Selection Committee have fired up the bingo machine and have selected the following members for the first Friendly Match of Season 2019.

Players should report to Sandyhills BC in full uniform for 1.30pm on Saturday 27th April.

Lead - Jim Reyburn

Second - William Murdoch

Third - Andrew Hyndman

Skip - Andy Shea

Foxley Bowling Club

Lead - Joe Ferran

Second - Joe Hutchison

Third - Frank Callaghan

Skip - Tommy Masheder

Lead - Willie Maley

Second - Peter Rafferty

Third - Andy McLean

Skip - Daniel Campbell

Lead - Billy Allan

Second - Owen Knox

Third - Ian Taylor

Skip - Jon Logan

Lead - Rab Barrie

Second - Paul McCallum

Third - Colin Bull

Skip - Roy Geddes